Félix Manito

Chief of the Kreanta Foundation

Historian, journalist and cultural manager. President and chief of the Kreanta Foundation. Foundation that  promotes research, training, publishing and cooperation in culture, education and city in Spain and Latin America programs: Creative Cities (www.ciudadescreativas.org), Latin America Cathedra and Medellín-Barcelona Cathedra  (www.catedramedellinbarcelona.org). Thirty-eight years of experience as a professional of cultural management in the private sector, the public sector and the third sector. As an international consultant specializing in planning and strategic management in culture and local government has directed over a hundred projects in Spain and Latin America. Professor at the Universidad Abierta de Cataluña (UOC). He has recently published the following books as editor of the publishing Kreanta collection of Creative Cities: Culture, territory, economy and city (2009); Creativity, innovation, culture and local agenda (2010); Creative economy, urban development and public policy (2011), Citizenship, digital culture and social development (2012) and Public Space and Culture in Action (2013).



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  • Statutory meetings

  • Thematic sessions

  • Political plenary sessions

  • Real-life experiences on the urban ground

  • Social events