Jorge Melguizo

Social Communicator - Journalist

Consultant and lecturer in public administration, culture, citizen culture, strengthening of the civil society organizations and community and security. In his laps in Latin America, shares the recent processes of urban, social, educational and cultural transformation of Medellín, where he participated as the Manager of Medellín Center (2004 - 2005), Secretary of Citizen Culture (2005 - 2009) and Secretary of Social Development (2009-2010). The third part of the year stayed in the city of Buenos Aires, in an intense and passionate advice to the government of this city, working with them on integrated urban projects -habitat and social inclusion - in villages, neighborhoods that had the less physical and social trade terms. Member of the Steering Committee of RESURBE, global program of urban and environmental resilience, coordinated by the UNESCO Cathedra in Sustainability.


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  • Statutory meetings

  • Thematic sessions

  • Political plenary sessions

  • Real-life experiences on the urban ground

  • Social events