Sunil Dubey

Professor of the University of Sydney

Sunil Dubey is a senior advisor and coordinator on urban capacity building programs, public real estate asset programs, cities cooperation and urban development. He works with government and non-government organisations in Australia, South Asia, Middle East and Europe. He is currently advising METROPOLIS, World Association of the Major Metropolis as regional director, where he is coordinating international capacity building programs between Metropolis, Multilateral, Government of India and National Institute of Urban Affairs of India. His current programs include strategic urban training programs, applied research programs and capacity building funding criteria among BRICS nations. He is an associate on the global reference panel of circles of sustainability and is a founding member of Geneva foundation for governance and public policy. Sunil was technical director and board member for not-for-profit registered community housing provider, Common Equity NSW (Australia), which supports social and affordable rental cooperative housing and managing over 500 housing properties in state of NSW, Australia. He lives in Sydney, Australia, where he lectures at the University of Sydney.

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