Daniela Chacón Arias

Adjointe au Maire de la municipalité de Quito

Ms. Chacón Arias is a lawyer by University San Francisco de Quito. She received her Master´s degree in Public Administration from The George Washington University. Daniela has worked in the private sector promoting the creation of public-private programs for economic and social development in Ecuador. And in the public sector developing policies and programs to revitalize cities. As Vice Mayor she leads initiatives to foster sustainable mobility and public spaces that promote people's health, happiness, and well being. In addition, she is working to improve the city´s public transportation system by leading an initiative to stop sexual harassment in this system and making it more secure for children, youth and women. She is also working with the transportation guild in a comprehensive plan to raise the quality of service, reorganize the transportation system in the city and incorporate new technologies.


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