General Secretary of Metropolis
State Secretary of the Brussels-Capital Region
Minister of Urban Development of the City of Buenos Aires
Strategic Relations Manager at EMBARQ Brasil
Director of the Sport and Recreation Institute INDER
Chief of Staff of São Paulo State’s government
Management Assistant of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona
Coordinator of the Centre for Equality and Resources for Women in Barcelona
Chief of the Kreanta Foundation
Sports Undersecretary of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires
Head of METROPOLIS Youth and Director of International Relations of the Municipality of Mashhad
Manager of the Barcelona Sports Institute of the City Council of Barcelona
Social Communicator - Journalist
Secretary General of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)
President of the Environmental Protection Agency of the City of Buenos Aires
Executive Director for Transport in the City of Johannesburg
President of the “Fundación Convivir”
General Director of Entrepreneurs of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires
Secretary for Habitat & Inclusion for the City of Buenos Aires
Mayor of La Paz
Professor of Globalization and Cultural Diversity in the Institute for Culture and Society at the University of Western Sydney
Chair of the executive committee - Ville de Montréal
Head of the Regional Office for the Americas of UNISDR
Deputy Secretary of Maintenance for Public Space of the Ministry of Environment and Public Space
Director of Innovation and Open Government of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires
Mayor of Mashhad
Professor of the University of Sydney
Architect and urban planner of IAU - IDF
Vice Mayor, Municipality of Quito
Mayor of Montreal
Mashhad City Council
President of the Ile-de-France Regional Council & President of METROPOLIS
Director of the Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence (CURE)
Senator of the Province of Santa Fe
Executive Secretary for Public-Private Partnerships of the Housing Secretariat of the State of São Paulo
Chief of the Staff of the Transport Secretariat of GCBA
Berlin Mayor
President of FIBA
Executive Mayor of the City of Johannesburg
Mayor of Istanbul and President of UCLG
Directora General de Inclusión
professor of Philosophy at the Catholic University of Argentina (UCA)
Chief of Government of Buenos Aires City


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  • Statutory meetings

  • Thematic sessions

  • Political plenary sessions

  • Real-life experiences on the urban ground

  • Social events